Two shot at Columbus house party

Columbus house party turns deadly

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A late night of fun party ended up leaving two people injured from gunshot wounds. All it took was an unwelcomed guest to turn a party into a bloody disaster. Around 3:30 AM on August 2, 2013, Travis Porter 31, tried to enter the party house at 2609 Garden Drive when a bouncer told him he could not go in.

Porter and the bouncer got into a physical fight, and few seconds later, Porter was seen shooting at people in the backyard. Carl Jackson, 31, was struck in the upper body, and Lena Williams, 32, sustained gunshot wounds to both of her legs. Jackson was taken to Columbus Regional but was soon transported to the Atlanta Medical Center to receive more treatment to his severe injury. Williams's injuries were not as bad or detrimental as Jackson's wounds.

It is unclear if the same person shot both people, but police say they know Porter allegedly shot Jackson.

Tommy Moultrie, a neighbor who lives right across the party house at 26 Garden Drive, explained that he saw the entire incident occur last night.

"I was out in my front porch drinking my beer. That house is known for having a lot of parties," Moultrie recalled.  "Then when I went back into my room to go to sleep, I heard bang, bang, bang! I jumped up and then it happened again! Bang, bang, bang! I went out and opened my front door to look across the street and then I saw three men run out of the house…they had guns in their pockets."

Moultrie said he does not know the victim or the owner of the party house very well. He also said it was too dark outside for him to even look at the faces of the men who ran out of the house with guns.

"All I remember were loud noises, five to six police cars arriving at the house and a man who was on a bed…I saw his stomach, and someone told me he was shot and was taken to a hospital in Atlanta," Moultrie said.

Moultrie said seeing police cars, injured people, and seeing men with guns flee the scene, he feared for his life as well.

"To tell you the truth, I felt like I was dead," Moultrie explained. "I had to shake myself over, but it was so scary I felt like I was going to die."

A warrant for aggravated assault has been issued for Porter.

There were five people, including both residents and guests, that were also arrested for maintain a disorderly household.

"It was so ugly," Moultrie said. "The whole thing was so ugly."

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