Tax free weekend creates dilemma for some parents

Tax free weekend creates dilemma for some parents

(WTVM) - Georgia's tax free weekend begins this Friday, but for parents with children in school, this is posing a headache.

Many parents wait until the tax free weekend to stock up on school supplies and clothes but many are saying that won't happen this year.

Take Linda Williams of Columbus for example. She has already spent about $200 on back-to-school items for Jah'quez, a first grader at Wynnton Arts Academy.

Even though the savings can add up at the register, it won't help those like Linda, who needs to buy their kids' school stuff days before the tax free holiday begins.

"I've already had to go buy school supplies because he needs them when he goes to school Wednesday and if they would have this [tax free weekend] earlier, that would be a big help because school starts Wednesday," Linda said. "If I wait to buy school supplies he goes to school with nothing."

For those planning on taking advantage of Georgia's tax free holiday, it begins Friday August 9 and ends Sunday August 11.

What's exempt from state and local taxes? Clothing, including footwear with a sales price of $100 or less per item, personal computers, and personal computer-related accessories.

Alabama's tax free holiday was this past weekend.

Most of the schools in Alabama in our area go back to school two weeks from Monday.

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