1st day back to school for Muscogee & Harris Counties

1st day back to school for Muscogee & Harris Counties

(WTVM) - No more summer vacation – it's back to school for students in Harris and Muscogee counties.

There are lots of changes this school year – particularly in Muscogee County – including the new Aaron Cohn Middle School, the closing of Edgewood Elementary and Marshall Middle schools, and a new superintendent.

Superintendent David Lewis spoke to the media on Wednesday about this first day of school.

"It's an exciting first day back to school in the Muscogee County School District. Thank you to the students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff for a successful first day and smooth transition back to school this year," said Lewis. "I started out at Martin Luther King Elementary, then moved to Hardaway High, Richards Middle School and made my way to the new Aaron Cohn Middle school which opened for the first time to receive students this year."

According to the district, nearly 31,500 students reported to school Wednesday in Muscogee County.

Here's a breakdown of how many students are enrolled across the district: 15,325 elementary students, 6,916 middle school students, 9,157 high school students, and more than100 are in special programs.

Lewis also said the first day of school should be just as important as every day.

"There are still a number of parents and students reporting to register," Lewis said. "Attendance is extremely important for our students and the teaching and learning process we need all our children in school on the first day and every day going forward."

It's also important to note that this is the first full calendar year in quite some time. There are no furlough days on this year's calendar.

It was definitely an exciting day  with new schools, transfers and new technology with palm scanners in cafeterias.

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