Coffee Co. Police uncover elaborate cockfighting ring

Coffee Co. Police uncover elaborate cockfighting ring

(WTVM) - The Coffee County Sheriff's Office, located in Georgia, is still caring for 74 roosters seized in a weekend cockfighting raid. Deputies also found 20 dead roosters.

They charged six people with felonies and arrested about 50 more on misdemeanors.

Sheriff Doyle Wooten says charges against some of them will be upgraded. He wants to put a stop to this elaborate ring.

"It's a tight knit group. They all know each other. I guess at the fights they plan when and where they're going to have the next fight. They move it around, from what we understand. We're just fortunate that we got the information that this was going on," says Wooten.

Investigators also confiscated $8,000 in cash, meth, and prescription drugs as well as blades and other equipment used in the fights.

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