Continental U.S. Replacement Center closing at Ft. Benning

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - The Fort Benning Continental United States Replacement Center Mission deployed its last group of individuals Friday.

The CRC receives and processes non-unit related personnel, soldiers and civilians, for deployment and redeployment to and from 34 different destinations.

Around 150 people flew out from Lawson Army Airfield for southwest Asia on Friday afternoon.

They are the last personnel who trained and were processed through the CRC at Fort Benning.

"Today is our last group of deployers. We have approximately 136 packs pulling into 41 different countries all over the world, mostly Afghanistan, some Kuwait, others Djibouti, wherever the Army requires them.," said Major Donald R. Reeves, CRC battalion commander.

The center at Fort Benning has been the only one of its kind for the last year. The CRC at Fort Bliss has been reopened and will assume the CRC Mission.

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