Exclusive Preview of News at 5 & 6

Happy Friday! This is Jason Dennis in the WTVM newsroom. Here's what we are working on for the news at 5 and 6:

Today marks a special anniversary of the first protest by the School of Americas Watch, against foreign militaries on Fort Benning. Tonight, we talk to the man who started the movement.

A young kitten gets trapped in a bucket of paint, baking in the sun inside a dumpster at a store in Phenix City. Hear why investigators believe there's no way this was an accident.

Saddle up, East Alabama! News Leader 9's Elizabeth White goes on a wild ride on a 1500-pound bull to preview a rodeo coming to town, all for a good cause. We've got the video you have to see.

Tell your friends, then join us for these stories and more tonight at 5 and 6!

See ya then,

 Jason Dennis

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