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Five years ago, two sisters met for the first time


Two sisters who now live in Albany, are celebrating a milestone like none other - the five year anniversary of when they first met.

Jennifer Powell was given up for a closed adoption 28 years ago. Her biological mother tried to find Jennifer when she turned 18, but didn't have any luck. But then her biological mother's best friend found Jennifer on Myspace in 2008.

Jennifer drove from Orlando to Albany to reunite with her mother and sister, Kaley Hart. They both say everything happens for a reason and they're enjoying going through life's precious moments together.

"We missed out, but you have to take what you have now and go forward. Neither of us were married so we got to be apart of each other's wedding. Kids to come. So there's still plenty of stuff," says Powell.

The two became best friends after their first meeting. Now they live four minutes away from each other.

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