Mysterious vandal damages Opelika family's car

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Kenneth Whitaker leaves his Opelika home for work every morning.

As he left last Thursday, he was shocked to find that his wife's car had been damaged overnight.

"I walked around the car to get in my truck and then I got to looking at her car and it was all torn up," says Kenneth.

The Whitaker's snapped pictures showing the extensive damage to the car.

You can see scratches, teeth marks and even wires pulled out and thrown to the side.

"Scratches, deep scratches. We believe a cat was in my car, under the hood and whatever it was, was trying to get to the cat," explains Melinda Whitaker.

The Whitaker's did not witness what had damaged their car, but there is a strong feeling a footprint they found could belong to a bear.

Just last month, WTVM brought you the story about a black bear spotted just down the street from the Whitaker's home in the Town Lake subdivision.

Neighbors say there have been even more bear sightings since.

"We have a grandchild so it's just kind of scary to have an animal that can to that to a vehicle that could come harm people out here," explains Melinda.

Now the Whitaker's face nearly $5,000 dollars in car damage.

They say it's an uneasy knowing something is out there and are now taking extra precautions to stay safe.

"When I walk out, I look around and even at night I wake up and look around the yard to see if I see anything. I just wish I would have waked up that night because I sure would have liked to have seen what it was," says Kenneth.

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