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WTVM 8/13/13 Editorial: New safety precautions for back to school


Kids head back to school in Georgia and Alabama soon...and school security is again a concern.

Following the Sandy Hook shooting, the Alabama legislature authorized city and county school systems to hire armed security guards to protect students. That got a "thumbs up" from a majority of Alabama teachers, according to a new survey.

We think it's a smart idea, just like it was smart to arm sky marshals after the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

In Muscogee County, school security systems were updated and there are now more school resource officers.

We think that's good progress.

But we should be even more it proactive about keeping kids safe at school.

So we also endorse Alabama's new law allowing responsible gun owners who are teachers or administrators to carry guns on school grounds, with permission. Alabama's making the right choice to keep kids safe.

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