WTVM 8/13/13 Editorial: Lincoln Memorial vandalized

(WTVM) - Recently, vandals targeted the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, causing unsightly and expensive damage.

The famous statue of Abraham Lincoln was stained with green paint: a senseless act.

The Lincoln Memorial, which has been open since 1922, has been the setting for landmark events in history.

It was the backdrop for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech almost 50 years ago.

Whether vandals deface national monuments or our neighborhoods in Columbus or Phenix City, it has the same negative impact on our quality of life.

Somewhere along the line, vandals learn to strike out rather than seek out help to cope with life's challenges.

On the Lincoln Memorial steps, Dr. King famously said we should be judged by "the content of our character."

So let's remember that good character and respect for property begins at home and at an early age.

It doesn't cost a dime.

Character is priceless.

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