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Traffic cameras in Phenix City have drivers seeing red


Since being installed in April, traffic cameras in Phenix City have had some drivers seeing red.  News Leader 9 spoke with a man who said he got a ticket for no reason.

"I was hotter than fish grease as they say down here in Alabama," David Carmon said.

When Carmon got a letter in the mail from Phenix City he said he thought it was a check.

"I opened it up and I was shocked to see it was a violation from the city," said Carmon.

On August 3, Carmon said he was driving his 2005 Pontiac Bonneville down 13th Street towards Broad Street. 

"I came right to the intersection where the KFC is. I stopped and made a right hand turn and proceeded," explained Carmon.

Days later he was stopped in his tracks when he got a ticket in the mail stating he'd ran a red light.

"My understanding of the law is that you can do a right turn on red after a stop unless otherwise posted," Carmon said.

That's where a sign that read 'Right on red, after stop' comes in. Carmon said the sign was put in after he complained to the city that there was no sign previously placed at the intersection that would prohibit someone making a right turn as the law states.

The sign even says right turns are permitted as long as the driver stops first.

"I went in to inquire about [the ticket] and from my understanding quite a few people are receiving similar violations," said Carmon.

Carmon now avoids driving through the busy intersection but he won't avoid fighting the ticket.

"Well this ticket right here is for $100. If you go to court and you're not successful there's an additional $25 added to it," Carmon said.

"You say you're thinking about getting a lawyer," asked News Leader 9's Dionne.

"I'm going to go ahead and get a lawyer and go to court and fight it. It's the principle of the thing," said Carmon.

We've reached out to Phenix City Police Chief Ray Smith. He has not returned our calls yet.

For those complaining about this issue, know that we will continue to try to get answers to all the questions.

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