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Woman claims tanks of 'bad gas' caused her cars to break down


On Sunday afternoon, a woman called News Leader 9 and said the fuel she purchased for two vehicles from the Shell Gas Station on St. Mary's Road in Columbus turned out to be exactly what she didn't need.

Minutes later both cars were stopped on the side of the road as a result of what she believed came from bad gasoline.

The woman didn't want to talk on camera because when she called a 1-800 number given to her by the clerk inside the Summit Store, she got a favorable response. The company agreed to not only repair her vehicles, but give her a rental car in the meantime.

But we took her complaints to a Midas shop and spoke with mechanic James Head.

"The gas could be old from the gas station, the gas may be stale and the volatility is just not there," he said. "The octane is to low on fuel and won't ignite or burn properly inside the motor."

The biggest problem Head told us he sees with cars that have ingested bad gasoline is with the Catalytic Convertor.

"The Catalytic Converter takes your raw exhaust gas right after it gets ignited to the chamber and the chemicals inside like Titanium will convert the more hazardous exhaust fumes into less hazardous fumes," said Head. 

On average, the cost to repair a damaged Catalytic Converter will cost about $800, labor included.

If you happen to come across some bad gasoline, Head recommends that you pull your car over immediately, because if you continue to drive it you could cause even more damage.

We tried to reach out to Shell's corporate owners in LaGrange, but no one returned our phone call.

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