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Players, administrators react to Return to Play Act


For Hardaway High School senior Desmond Barmore, football is more than just a game, it's a passion. New measures implemented across the state of Georgia as part of the Return to Play Act of 2013 makes it necessary for  players, coaches, and parents to be educated on concussions.

"It's a long process but it really helps players. We had a player last year that suffered a concussion and I rather him not play in the game and be safe than play in the game and get hurt," Barmore.

The new policy requires that coaches go through required training and parents sign off on concussion literature before allowing their children to play contact sports that could lead to concussions.

Hardaway High School head football coach Jeff Battles welcomes the new requirement, hoping that this will put more eyes on players,stopping concussion before they become more severe.

"It allows the parents to understand what they are looking for when their kid says they have a headache or when a kid gets a good hit," Battles said.

Muscogee County Board members recently passed this measure. District officials already have the materials in hand for parents further.

"I think that will help diagnose it properly and let us play with one who don't have one and get help for the ones that do," Battles said.

Recently, an Atlanta teenager died during practice at a high school football game. Barmore says his heart goes out to the fellow athlete and calls the tragedy an isolated incident

"It's a freak accident. There is nothing you can do to protect it. You can help try to prevent stuff like that. It happens in football and it's a sad tragedy," Barmore said.

Administrators say new technology will soon be used at Hughston Hospital to help aid students who may have suffered from an injury in the past.

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