McNair Learning Academy gunman in Dekalb Co. Jail

Students evacuating McNair elementary school (Photo source: WSBTV)
Students evacuating McNair elementary school (Photo source: WSBTV)

DEKALB COUNTY, GA - A 20 year old man has been named as the suspected gunman who fired shots inside a Dekalb County elementary school. Michael Brandon Hill has been arrested and is expected to be charged soon.

No one was injured, but about 800 elementary students were evacuated from Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur. A school clerk, Antoinette Tuff, talked to the gunman and kept talking until she finally talked him down.

"He had a backpack full of ammunitions. He had all the magazines in his backpack, some of was in his pocket. I had him to empty everything, put the gun on the table, take his wallet off, everything. I told him to lay on the floor and then I told the police that he was giving himself up. i just talked him through it," says Tuff.

Officials say the gunamn has no clear ties to this school.

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