Military Matters: Wounded Warrior relay

Military Matters: Wounded Warrior relay

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Service members recently came together on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait in support of Wounded Warriors. They formed four-member teams and raced to complete a 17-and-a-half mile ruck march.

The competition was not only a chance to overcome adversity, but an opportunity to pay homage to those wounded while answering our nation's call.

"It's very motivating. Our Wounded Warriors are basically not letting anything stand in their way. No matter what happens to them they can just bounce back. In our reserves see we always talk about bounce back," said Maj. Kerry Wright. "So just because something happens doesn't mean that your life ends and everything comes to an end, you can basically just bounce back.

"When I see one of my Wounded Warriors, our Wounded Warriors, bounce back it's amazing how they can just experience something just as shocking they can still come back's inspiration to me."

Missions like Operation Proper Exit allow Wounded Warriors to return to a combat zone and leave on their own terms.  And though most soldiers have no idea what it takes to rehabilitate for months and overcome physical obstacles, they recognize the pride and inspiration they feel witnessing their brothers and sisters in arms continue serving with dignity.

"It means extremely a lot. It's real close to my heart," said Capt. Billi Blaschke. "I know a lot of fellow soldiers that have been out there, Afghanistan, and been wounded and gone back to the states and just continue on with their career and it's very motivating."

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