Public input needed for downtown Auburn improvements

Public input needed for downtown Auburn improvements

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Residents in Auburn have their suggestions for improving the downtown area.

"I think the problem is it gets very congested around campus. I mean there is a lot of crosswalks on Magnolia Avenue, but maybe more on College Street would be good," says Auburn student, Katie Gauthier.

Now they will have their chance to voice them as the City of Auburn plans to host its first of three public meetings next week to help develop The Downtown Master Plan.

"What The Downtown Master Plan will help us do is really zoom in on the particulars of that in terms of use, urban forum, streetscape improvements and all of those things that come along with it," explains City of Auburn's Planning Director, Forrest Cotten.

City Council approved funding for a Downtown Master Plan to improve downtown and meet the future needs of citizens and visitors.

The plan aims to expand the current urban core to the south and west.

"The actual land area in the urban core is just over 60 acres of land, which for a city of our size is quite compact. So our city hasn't grown to match the growth of the rest of the city so out comprehensive plan suggests we expand and expand quite aggressively," says Cotten.

The goal of the public meetings is for citizens to come together and brainstorm ideas for various downtown improvements.

Everything from mix-use development to updated streetscape and landscaping will be discussed.

"We'll actually be able to come to the table with members of the public and have them show us different schemes of what they'd like to see," explains Cotten.

The first public workshop will be held Wednesday, August 28 at 6:00 PM at the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center.