Most Wanted--Masheldon Reed

Masheldon Reed (Photo Source: Muscogee County Sheriff's Office)
Masheldon Reed (Photo Source: Muscogee County Sheriff's Office)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - His 6 foot 5 inches, 210 pound stature would make him easy to spot, but not in this case. Masheldon Reed, 34, is a man on the run.

Originally arrested for statutory rape, Reed has now violated his probation, and  Muscogee County Sheriff deputies are on the hunt for him.

"Whatever he was supposed to do for the judge he didn't. He was supposed to come up here and register with us according to state law and he hasn't come so he's violated," says Deputy Jeffrey Hackey.

Reed's last known address is off of Patton Drive in South Columbus. Deputies have been searching for him in that area for months. Now they're reaching out to the public for help.

"We are a small part of the community. The community is our eyes and ears. They see lot of things we don't get a chance to see. They can make our job a lot easier. They can help us find some of these people and get them off the streets," says Deputy Hackey.

If you know where Masheldon Reed can be found call the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office at (706) 653-4225.

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