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Suspect demands missing drugs, fires gun at children

Antonio Bell (source: Muscogee County Jail) Antonio Bell (source: Muscogee County Jail)

Police say a man broke into a house on Schaul Street, firing a gun and demanding that someone return his missing drugs.  

The bullets flew past several young children, the smallest one less than a year old.

In the end, it turned out this dangerous and violent affair occurred for no reason at all.   According to the four women who live in this house, the suspect, 25-year-old Antonio Bell, endangered the lives of six small children because of a very preventable misunderstanding.

In a house filled with women and children, witnesses said it took an adult man to throw the biggest temper tantrum that any of them had ever seen.  

"Me and Bell, we're real cool, we joke around, but last night, he was out of his mind," said Shamikia Harris.

"He got mad because he said somebody stole his weed," said Shawneice Locke

"He thought the girl had his dope.  The girl did not have his dope," added Harris.

"It was never missing, he had it the whole time," said Locke.

Locke and Harris both live in the house. According to them, Bell didn't feel like he was getting his point across, so he began to fire his weapon in the direction of a woman holding her infant son.

"I was scared, I had to run out of the house.  I've never been so stressed like this," said Harris. 

"My friend ran out.   She opened up the door, and he came in with the gun pointed at all of us.   Then we ran, and that's when I called 911 and said my baby's in there," said Locke.

Police arrived a short time later and according to witness statements, Bell tried to hide his gun in the stove. But officers recovered the weapon and charged him with aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and multiple counts of reckless conduct.

"They took him away, but even after they took him, he was still acting crazy in the back of the police car," said Harris. 

None of the children were hurt during this incident. The only person who suffered an injury was Bell when he cut his hand breaking into the house.

A lot of small children were present for that violent episode.   A witness said Bell is in a relationship with one of the victims.   He'll remain in jail until his bond hearing Friday morning.

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