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Factory employee robbed at gunpoint walking into work


A food service employee was robbed at gunpoint on his way into work, told by the suspect to 'give it up.'

Curtis Preer arrives at his job every day before the sun is up, working at BD&K Foods, a frozen food processing plant in Columbus. The morning began like every other, except this time, a man was waiting for him in the parking lot. 

He was sitting in the passenger side of a black four door Honda sedan. Preer estimates the year between 2000 and 2003. He said it didn't take long to figure out that this man was up to something, and visibly in need of drugs.

"I came in, parked my truck, and a guy asked me if I knew what time it was. He was acting kind of funny. Normally if a person asks you what time it is, they won't walk with you," said Preer.

Preer received an unsolicited escort from the stranger all the way to the ramp which leads to the front door. He believes the suspect followed him that distance because he was waiting for other passersby to walk out of sight. Preer only needed a few more feet to get inside the door, but just then, the suspect pulled a gun from behind. For Preer, the robbery couldn't have come at a worse time. He had just withdrawn $500 from an ATM. 

"It's sick, it's real sick.  Makes you angry," said Preer. 

Preer was going to give the money to his wife after work to pay a doctor when she takes their daughter for a visit. He said there's no way the suspect could have known he had the cash because the ATM was miles away in Phenix City. The suspect was lucky this time, and Preer says he hopes the man will try it again.

"I would like to see him tomorrow, because I've got something for him. And if he sees this, he'll know what it is."

Preer said the suspect had a female accomplice who was driving. He saw red highlights in her hair and multiple piercings. He describes the gunman as being in his early twenties, over six feet tall, dark skinned, wearing a black T-shirt and jean shorts.  

Officials at BD&K Foods said they are committed to finding out who perpetrated this crime against one of their employees and they're doing everything they can to help the investigation. They are also going to reimburse the victim all of the money he lost so he can still pay for his daughter's doctor visit.  

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