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Georgia Power customers fall for scam


According to Jay Smith, Georgia Power area manager some Georgia power customers have been victims this month.  

"There have been roughly 75 this month," said Jay Smith, Area Manager, Georgia Power.  

What some Georgia Power customers have been victims of? Phone scams, some con artist have been associating themselves with Georgia Power.  

"What we have seen are scammers that are contacting customers, telling them that the customer is late on their bill, they're about to be disconnected unless the customer makes a payment with a prepaid debit card," said Smith.

And the way in which these phone scammers go about trying to con some Georgia Power customers, in order to get some quick cash?  

"They're given a phone number to call, the customer goes out and buys the prepaid debit card and then calls that phone number, gives them the account information off of it, the scam artists go ahead and pull the money out of the debit card just as quickly as they can," said Smith.

Leaving the victim conned out of money, and still with a bill that needs to be paid, because the individuals who collected the money aren't Georgia Power. Georgia Power wants to remind individuals that they do not contact customers the way in which these scammers are contacting potential victims.  

"Georgia Power does not contact customers that way if a customer is behind on their bill; Georgia Power will contact the customer with a recorded message that goes to their primary phone," said Smith.  

Some South Georgia residents heard about the recent scam, one didn't want us to show her face, they say they are taking extra safety precautions.  

"I would double check, sometimes you have scam phone calls about send me this, I would always double check and just follow my steps all the time," said Blake Phillips, Georgia Power customer.  

You know if it's someone and they ask for personal information they need to get their number and phone number and ask them if they can come into their office and whatever and then usually people won't allow that and they will just hang up the phone," said Georgia Power customer who did not want to be identified.  

Because in the end, they don't want to be victims, and Georgia Power doesn't want you to be the victim of a con artists tricks.

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