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Tallmadge killer remains on the loose

Wendy and Peyton Ralston Wendy and Peyton Ralston

At the Tallmadge home where police believe Wendy Ralston and her 5-year-old son, Peyton, were murdered, the 24-hour police guard is gone.  That said, the behind-the-scenes intensive investigation continues.

The home is now marked with red evidence tape at any possible entrance. Obviously, police want nothing disturbed if forensic testing should indicate the need to return.

At the Tallmadge Police Department, 19 Action News has learned that the coroner's work is done, but there is no cause of death yet. Toxicology testing is still going on and advanced entomology work is going on at a lab in Pennsylvania.

Daniel Tighe, Jr., the man who lived at the home with Wendy and Peyton, is missing from his usual spots.

"I don't know where he's at and I haven't heard nothin' from him," said neighbor Gordon Ward.

"You know anybody that's talked to him?" asked Reporter Paul Orlousky.

"No. Nothin'. Nothin'." Ward replied.

Police do not call Tighe a suspect, but from the beginning, acknowledged spats between him and Wendy.

From day one, a report Tighe's next door neighbor heard about one of the bodies has bothered her.

"The other one was wrapped in a blue sheet, a dark blue sheet. I remember when he bought those navy blue sheets," said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

She says Tighe had used them as curtains.

Given the wide array of scientific and investigative tools being used in this case, it is likely that whomever the killer is, he or she is simply delaying detection, not dodging it.  

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