Notorious cat burglar captured in north Florida

(WTVM) - The Nassau County Sheriff announced that they captured one of the most notorious cat burglars in the country.

He was found in Hilliard, Fla. after being notified by authorities on Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina that he might be there.

"Blane David Nordahl, 51, from Jacksonville, was arrested on two warrants out of Atlanta, Ga. after he showed up at the Canterberry Apartments in Hilliard to meet his girlfriend's daughter," said Sheriff Bill Leeper in a press statement. "After a short foot pursuit he was arrested and booked into the Nassau County Detention Facility with no bond. The warrants were for burglary with intent to commit first degree felony and conspiracy to commit a felony."

Nordahl is known as "The Silver Thief" and "Burglar to the Stars" due to his high-profile burglaries in the homes of notable celebrities such as Ivana Trump, sportscaster Curt Gowdy, and musician Bruce Springsteen. He made his living stealing expensive silver items along the East Coast. He has been caught numerous times and served an eight year sentence after stealing $50,000 worth of silver cutlery from Ivana Trump.

"Nordahl mainly stole silver because it is usually kept in the kitchen and dining areas, which made it easier to take and not disturb anyone in the home," says Leeper.

His modus operandi involved removing glass panes from a French door while the homeowner slept, thus avoiding triggering any alarms. Then, he would remove entire drawers of silver items and use a silver test kit to test them. Norahl would steal $20,000 worth of silver on average in a single burglary.

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