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Man shot while standing next to uniformed police officer

Tiffany Bullard (source: Stewart County Sheriff) Tiffany Bullard (source: Stewart County Sheriff)

A woman fired a bullet into a man's chest while a uniformed police officer was standing only feet away.

It happened just after midnight Tuesday in the parking lot of the Kay Lyn Kourt Motel in Richland, Stewart County.

"I saw that with my own eyes.  I'm not talking about something somebody told me, I saw it with my own eyes.  And she shot him in front of the police.  And I said, 'Wow, that crazy woman!' The way she was waving that gun around, she could have shot the police- anybody that was around," said motel guest, John Baldwin.

Witnesses said Tiffany Bullard was in a jealous rage, furious that she discovered her ex-boyfriend, Brett Moody, was with another woman.  Bullard was armed with a .380 pistol tucked into the back of her pants and ready to start shooting, according to the victim's friends.

An unidentified friend of the victim said he was sitting outside the motel room when Bullard arrived and demanded to be let inside.  When the man said he didn't have a key, she began shooting wildly in the direction of the window, striking the glass at least once. 

Several people called 911 to report a disturbance and police arrived a short time later, unaware that they were about to confront a woman who was armed and had already discharged her weapon.

According to witnesses, Moody came outside to meet the officers, and while they were still asking questions and attempting to find out what was happening, Bullard retrieved her concealed pistol and shot Moody in the torso with police standing only feet away.

Police immediately drew their guns and Bullard complied with orders to discard hers.  Moody is currently in the hospital, expected to survive, but Richland Police Chief, Robbie Wells, is very disappointed with the outcome of this incident.

"It's very possible that there wouldn't even be a victim right now had we know that a gun was involved," said Wells.

Based on statements he received from 911 callers, Chief Wells believes dispatchers neglected to relay vital information.

"[A witness] ran and started calling 911, and he was told the first time that he needed to call the sheriff's office and not 911.  Well, he calls 911 again and tells them, ‘look, get an officer down here, she's shooting at us, we need an officer now.'  But that never got communicated to my officers," said Wells.

With Moody currently in the hospital, Chief Wells said Bullard could have been a second victim, and perhaps one of his officers could have been killed or injured as well.

"He could have stepped out of the car thinking he's dealing with an argument, and she could have shot him," said Wells.

The mayor of Richland, along with Stewart County Commissioners and Chief Wells will be reviewing 911 tapes to get to the bottom of exactly what went wrong.  Tiffany Bullard currently remains in jail, charged with aggravated assault.

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