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EXCLUSIVE: Hitchhiker robs 67-year-old woman, takes last $10


A Phenix City woman says she was trying to be a Good Samaritan when her good deed backfired.

The woman spoke exclusively with News Leader 9's Brittany Dionne and says she's now scared to run daily errands.

Carolyn Walker, 67, says her religion teaches her to be "good to thy neighbor," That's why when an unknown man asked her for a ride, she says she didn't hesitate to help.

"He said he needed to go to work. It was so hot [Tuesday] afternoon; this was at 2 o'clock," says Walker.

Walker and the man got into her White Honda Accord heading to Piggly Wiggly in Phenix City. She says when the man began to change where he wanted to go requesting several different locations she started to feel uneasy.

"About that time, I told him, I'm just going to let you out on the side of the road if you don't mind waking across the street. That's when he pulled out the gun," Walker says.

With a gun that Walker describes as a "police revolver" to her head, the suspect she says is a clean cut African American Man wearing a white T-shirt, black pants, and tattoos covering his arms demanded she give him money.

"He kept telling me that I was going to have to come up with more money. I just didn't have any money, all I had was the $10," Walker explains.

Walker says she drove to the CB&T Bank in Phenix City with a $10 check. She went through the drive thru. She says that's when she tried to spring into action," says Walker.

"As I turned around to give the bank teller my check, I went 'help," says Walker.  Walker believes because she only mouthed the word "help" the teller didn't catch on.

Walker reports as she drove around Phenix City with a gun to her head she noticed a car following behind them.

The unknown man asked her if she noticed the man and woman following them, according to Walker; then, he told her to pull into the Chevron gas station on Highway 280.

"He called the girl over and asked her to sign the check. She said she wasn't going to do it because it would cause a paper trail," states Walker. "He kept telling me that I was going to have to come up with more money."

Walker says the man and woman were driving in beige Oldsmobile.

She claims the woman, the African American woman, is a heavy-set with a short hair cut. She was wearing a brown shirt and dark pants, according to Walker. Walker was unable to get a good look at the man.

For the remainder of the scary ride around the valley, to keep the man calm Walker says she questioned the man about his life.

Although she knew she was in danger, she says she also believes there was another passenger in the car with them.

"I'm a Christian and I know who to ask for help. I knew who to ask and I knew who was with me," Walker claims.

Columbus Investigators report the suspects have not been captured. They got away with the $10, a purse, a debit card, cable receivers, and a check for $100.

So far, the suspects have not cashed the $100 check.

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