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MLK Jr. Elementary student receives Wayne Carnine Student Improvement Award


Mauve Davis, a fifth grader at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, was called into the gym for an assembly with her classmates today, August 29. Little did she know, the program was about her. 

With family members present, Davis received the Wayne Carnine Student Improvement Award from the Association of Direct Instruction, which included a $200 check.    

Davis is the first student from her school to receive this award.

"At first, I struggled in reading, and then [Dr. Weaver] helped me, and now I'm a better reader," says Davis.  

Like far too many elementary school students, Davis was struggling to keep up with her reading lessons. By the second semester of third grade, she was only reading at a first grade level.

Through the Corrective Reading Program, Davis started to show significant improvement. Last school year, she advanced so much that she was one of the final three contestants in the school-wide spelling bee.  

Dr. Barbara Weaver, an Intervention Teacher, has been working closely with Davis for some time now. She nominated Davis for the award over the summer, and could not be more pleased to see her win it.

"The students and I worked very hard together," says Weaver, "And it just fills my heart to see them recognize their own progress, and I get really, really excited. That's the joy of teaching, when you can see the difference that you're making with your students, and how you're impacting their lives."

Davis is starting off her fifth grade year reading fluently and learning advanced vocabulary words that she knows how to apply to real world experiences. Teachers say her confidence is soaring, and her comprehension is amazing.

Davis' mother, Tamelia Dowell, is proud of her daughter's progress, and is motivated to help her continue to succeed.

"She's getting ready to enter middle school, so we'll see what's available out there to her. Anything that's going above and beyond for her, I'm going to work with her on that," says Dowell.  

Davis realizes she is not the only child to struggle at first while learning to read. To other children who are having a hard time, Davis has these words of advice: "Never stop trying."

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