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How does the Stand Your Ground Law apply in Alabama?


The Phenix City NAACP held a forum on August 30 to explain the controversial Stand Your Ground Law to citizens interested in understanding how the law works.

The current law went into effect in 2006, and many members of the public are still unaware of its meaning.  

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor was present at the event to offer a practical explanation of this complicated statute. He says part of the implication is that if a person is on someone else's property, and the property owner pulls a gun on the intruder, the intruder is not required to leave.

"The man comes out of the house, he has a shotgun, and now the guy standing in the yard pulls his pistol outs and shoots and kills him, and then he claims self defense," says Taylor. 

Phenix City resident James Shotz, who attended the forum with the intention to understand more, says the event was helpful, but the conversation needs to continue.

Sheriff Taylor agrees, adding that the law is complex and applies on a case-by-case basis. "We haven't yet addressed all the issues that this new law is going to bring into play, but I feel like the people who were here tonight do have a better understanding of what it means," he says.

For more information about how the Stand Your Ground Law applies in Alabama, contact the Russell County Sheriff's Offices at 334-298-6535.

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