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Labor Day marks last day of boating season


There may be several weeks left before the official end of summer, but for the campers and boaters at Blanton Creek Park, the season is already over.

It was nice of the rain to hold off, for a little bit at least, during the final day of outdoor activities at Georgia state parks.  But there were still plenty of drops falling in the form of tears as sad goodbyes were said on the water. 

Everywhere on Lake Harding in Harris County, people are ending the holiday weekend by getting their final rides on the water.

"It's sad because this is so nice. Tomorrow they have to go back to school," said Heidi Ward.

"It feels kind of sad to leave. I wish I could stay longer," said Gabe Collins.

"We've been out on the river, we came up Friday, and of course today is the last Hoorah up here at Blanton Creek, and they're kicking us out by four o'clock, so we're just loading up and getting ready to go home now," said Brad Hall. 

"It's been kind of hard of the summer because of all the rain, but we wanted to go ahead and get this last holiday in before the rain comes this afternoon," said Stacey Jackson.

The sun hardly made an appearance Monday, but compared to other weather we've seen this summer, boaters say they'll take what they can get.

"We're excited.  We're hardcore you know, so we'll come out here when it's cold too.  But I know the kids are excited.  They're out of school today so they're reaping those benefits.  You know, it being the last day, they're really excited about getting those last few moments of fun on the lake," said Scott Ward.

"It's just different because it's not like a pool, it's a lake and you can fish and do all kinds of stuff at the lake that you can't do at your house," said McKenzie Ward.

"We meet a lot of great people up here and have a lot of fun.  The kids really enjoy themselves," said Heather Leverette.

Children are already starting to count down the days before summer will start again.

It may be the end of boating season, but the good news is that football season has already started.

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