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Montgomery Academy's Ms. Ackerman is a 'Class Act'


Cindy Ackerman of Montgomery Academy has a passion for a subject most find too difficult to enjoy

"I love math.  To me, math is there is no answer unless you work to find that answer."  Says Ms. Ackerman. 

And Ms. Ackerman works hard to help her Calc and AP Calc students find those tough answers.

"I don't just skim the top, I go in depth so student truly understand what's going on." Says Ms. Ackerman. 

This in depth approach has proven very successful, just last year all 12 of Ms. Ackerman's AP Calc scored a maximum five on the AP exam.  An unheard of accomplishment and one she is very proud of. 

"I am so proud of them they worked so hard." Says Ms. Ackerman. 

That hard work and her students understanding is why she loves teaching. 

"Oh my gosh, it is just such a joy to me when the light comes on its amazing." Says Ms. Ackerman. 


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