Ala. lawmaker wants to repeal controversial gun law

(WTVM) - A Montgomery lawmaker is working to repeal Alabama's controversial new gun law that allows employees to leave guns in their cars and expands the open carry laws.

State representative Alvin Holmes calls the new law "crazy," and he's planning to file a bill to repeal it.

"Well this bill here will authorize people to do just like in the Wild, Wild West to be able to carry a 45 or a 38 on their side to walk into Wal-Mart, to walk into a restaurant," said Rep. Holmes (D).

Holmes says there's bipartisan support.

But in a statement, Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard wrote "Thanks to the Republican legislature, Alabamians' second amendment rights are more secure than ever, and we will continue to prioritize and protect those rights whenever and wherever possible."

Lawmakers will consider the measure when they meet again in 12 weeks.

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