Most Wanted--Credit card fraud

Most Wanted--Credit card fraud

A simple visit to a Columbus Family Dollar store has created a financial mess for one Columbus resident.

"Evidently she dropped her wallet, misplaced her wallet, sat her purse down and it fell out. She's not really sure what happened, "says Cpl. Deborah Whitley.

Police say the suspect found the wallet or took it from the victim's purse when her back was turned. It wasn't long before the suspect made his way to several stores where he made unauthorized charges with the victim's credit card. His image was captured on video surveillance at one of those stores. According to police, this is becoming a more common crime.

"Financial transaction card fraud is one of the biggest crimes in any city in the United States. It's the easiest things to get a hold of and you can go into just about any store and use a charge card without showing proof of identity in order to make that purchase, "says Whitley.

The suspect has a medium build with facial hair and thick shoulders. He has thick short curly hair and thick eyebrows. Help police bring his days of credit card fraud to an end. Remember there's a reward for information that will lead to an arrest.

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