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Nearly 80 workers placed "on call" at Columbus Hostess bakery

A Columbus woman who wishes to remain anonymous says she has lost her job at the Dolly Madison plant for the second time, and she is not the only one. She claims other workers have been laid off as well.

The former Dolly Madison employee says this is the second time she's been let go. She originally lost her job when the plant closed, but was hired back when the plant reopened under new ownership.

City officials are saying that the lay-offs are not as extreme as this woman is claiming, and are a result of common supply and demand patterns.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says the factory is actually doing great. "They have work force fluctuations from time to time related to manufacturing demand, but that's maybe 10 people," she says.

Brian Sillitto, Vice President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, did not confirm a specific number of layoffs, but also says that they are a result of fluctuations in product demand. He says some people have been let go, but could be brought back in the coming weeks.

After the original posting of this story, Hannah Arnold, a spokesperson for Hostess Brands, sent the following statement to WTVM:

"To meet extraordinary demand in connection with the brand's historic comeback, Hostess hired a number of temporary employees with the expectation that after the 90-day launch period they could be placed "on-call" - meaning the company would call them to work as needed.  Many of the approximately 75 people in Columbus in this category will be called back as new products are launched in upcoming weeks and months.  Hostess Brands continues to have much higher employment levels than initially forecast, with staffing at its four bakeries at or above the numbers prior to the comeback."

WTVM's Curtis McCloud is researching this developing story, and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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