Residents question Auburn about proposed property tax

Residents question Auburn about proposed property tax

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The thought of a nine mill property tax increase to fund a new high school  in auburn has some citizens feeling uneasy.

The goals of the public forum Thursday, was for the city set facts straight and answer any questions about the referendum residents may have had.

There were a range of question asked including priorities within the current budget and how taxes levied in the pass have been used.

One question that seemed to resonate with the crowd is whether all existing classrooms are being used effectively. For example, when teachers have free periods and rooms are empty.

The school board answered saying that is not the case, and this solution would not handle future growth.

"There are four blocks. Most of the teachers sit in their classrooms one periods a day with no students, according to the teachers I've spoken to," says one Auburn resident.

"Honestly we've look at the utilization of out building. I know that question is out there I've talk to people about that," responded Auburn City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Karen DeLano.

Last year, the average price of a home in Auburn was $215,000. If the property tax passes, people with this size home can expect to pay $16 more a month.

If the tax does not pass the city would have to use local money to pay for additional classrooms.

This money would result in cuts to many areas including bus transportation, AP and IB programs, resource officers and art and music programs.

The special school tax election will take place September 24th.

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