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Dr. Paula Walker discusses cardiovascular health

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The "Million Hearts" nationwide initiative focuses on improving the "ABCs" of cardiovascular health. 

Dr. Paula Walker from Columbus State University answers these questions about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart:

*According to the "Million Hearts" initiative, what the "ABCs" of cardiovascular health?

They stand for Aspirin (when appropriate), Blood pressure control, and Cholesterol management.

Walker says aspirin "decreases the chances of a person having a heart attack, or a stroke."

*What's an ideal blood pressure?

Walker says: "The top number, systolic blood pressure, should be 139 or less. The bottom number, or diastolic blood pressure should be 89 or less."

*What are the consequences of high blood pressure that we should be aware of?

High blood pressure increases the chances of having heart attack, chest pain, or heart failure.

*What are some ways to keep blood pressure under control?

Take medications as prescribed, engage in 30 minutes of physical activity, maintain a healthy body weight, reduce sodium, and manage stress.

Watch the video for more details.

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