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Study: military couples more likely to divorce


A new study sponsored by the Department of Defense is shedding light on the divorce rate among military families, and the numbers are not encouraging.

The Rand Corporation tracked the marital status of about 500,000 soldiers over a nine year period to find these results.

Probably the most disturbing statistic produced from this study is their determination that couples are 28 percent more likely to get a divorce if one or both of the spouses are deployed overseas for one year or more.

One of the authors of the study believes this is due to the length of time these couples spend apart, but also because of the stressful conditions both are placed in. But local experts are not convinced that the answer for military couples is to avoid or put off their marriages either.

"I don't think it would make a difference, myself personally, because you don't really know what the challenges are until you walk the walk. And so, to predetermine, or prophesy or predict: 'Oh, well I won't marry you now. You go on and do your journey in the war, go have your tour, and then come back and we'll see how things are.' Either way, the challenges are going to be there," said Angelina Fontanez, LPC.

Fontanez specializes in working with families from Fort Benning and she stresses the importance of staying in constant communication with your spouse.  She encourages couples to seek counseling to keep their marriage on track.

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