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Gilbert man urges town to fix flood problem


Monday's storms slammed Gilbert – dumping about an inch of rain there.

That has caused flooding, especially in some parts of the community of Seville.

"It was a lake," Jim Pepping said as he described the view from his front yard.

Pepping has lived in the Bellamonte II neighborhood of Seville for 10 years.

Monday's storm flooded the road in front of his home again.

"Anytime we have a reasonable (amount of) rain, there'll be standing water," said Pepping.

He said water flows east and west on Meadowview Drive, where it converges in front of his house, despite storm drains on both sides of the street.

"What's supposed to happen is the water is supposed to flow into this culvert and then discharge out by the golf course," Pepping said.

Instead, this time the water made its way into Pepping's garage and a front bedroom – damaging a wood floor that is starting to buckle.

Flood water also caused damage to his neighbor's house.

Waves from passing cars sent recycle bins crashing into their garage - causing several dents.

"Anytime a car comes by, it creates a big huge tidal wave that has gone underneath my garage door before - not as bad as this storm did," said Pepping.

Pepping, who does have flood insurance, said he's fed up with floods and has filed a complaint with the Town of Gilbert – urging them to fix the problem.

"Personally, I think the outlet here needs to be bigger because it just doesn't match the inlet," said Pepping. "And with all of the water that comes in, if you don't have enough water going out - it's just going to back up."

A Gilbert spokeswoman issued the following statement to CBS5 News on Tuesday night:

"The Town of Gilbert's engineering staff will be out there first thing tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to evaluate the situation and provide guidance to facilitate the repair."

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