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CDA asks City Council for $500,000 for Hostess Bakery


Mayor Tomlinson says she, like many others, are very excited about the return of Hostess to Columbus. However they want to know the "return" on the city's investment before paying Hostess the half a million dollars the Columbus Development Authority is asking for.

In a letter sent to the Mayor last week from the Columbus Development Authority, $500,000 was paid to Hostess in June. The city is expected to pay $250,000 next year and another $250,000 in 2015.

"I don't know that there will be in controversy related to it but it has not been formally submitted to council for a discussion and decision," says Tomlinson.

She continued, "Certainly the Development Authority has made commitments. Hostess has expected certain commitments but City Council, being a public entity, has to follow a certain process."

Despite recent "on call" placement for about 75 workers, Mayor Tomlinson is confident that additional positions will be adding to the bakery as they continue to bounce back from bankruptcy.

"If they have a particular product that they have a high demand for, then they may bring one group of their employees in to work very hard for a period of time, meet that demand and then they are put on call," Tomlinson said.

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