Some AL residents report FBI pop-up ad scam

Some AL residents report FBI pop-up ad scam

(WTVM) - Have you ever been on your computer and seen a pop up ad, supposedly from the FBI, claiming you have illegal information on your computer and you have to pay a fine?

Don't believe it.

Some Better Business Bureau offices in Alabama are getting a lot of phone calls about this scam. People worry when they see an ad from the FBI, and most of the messages say you have to pay a fine anywhere from $200-$300.

"What we're finding is these are bogus. You're getting hit twice because not only are they trying to get you to pay a fine for something that doesn't exist, then they're going to get access to your computer because the ad is allowing them to get in, at least if you provide them access, to clean things up. They're going to be accessing your files," says Michele Mason of the BBB.

Mason says if the FBI or any other government agency has a problem, they will not contact you online.

Don't fall for this scam.