WTVM 9/11/13 Editorial: Small acts of kindness

WTVM 9/11/13 Editorial: Small acts of kindness

(WTVM) - Have you been in a situation where you're eating dinner in a restaurant and a family with kids sits nearby?

One of the children gets loud, even disruptive and you get aggravated. You're convinced that those parents just can't control their children. Maybe you even think it's ruining your night.

But things aren't always what they seem.

When that same thing happened at a North Carolina restaurant, a fellow diner had a different reaction.

The diner realized the rowdy child was a special needs child, and the 'mystery diner' decided to pay the family's check.

It turns out the child had endured three brain surgeries – a devastating situation for any family.

The customer also wrote a note to the parents of the child: "God only gives special children to special people."

That random act of kindness – and understanding – is now one of the top stories on the internet.

It should remind all of us not to jump to conclusions. When we are sure we are right about something, we may not be seeing the full picture.

It also reminds us to look for an opportunity to be kind.

It doesn't have to involve money.  Even just a small show of support, like the mystery diner's note telling the parents they are special, means so much to anyone facing a tough time.

It tells them, "I understand what you are going through," and that is a simple act of kindness we can all manage.

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