Most Wanted--Olive Garden thief

Most Wanted--Olive Garden thief

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A casual night at a Columbus Olive Garden restaurant ends with one family deep in debt, making them the latest victims of credit card fraud. According to police, the suspect snatched the victim's purse or wallet inside the restaurant.

"People can come by and lift those wallets so easy and you should never suspect the wallet has been gone. Before they left the restaurant and realized the wallets were gone, purchases were already made on those credit cards," says Cpl. Deborah Whitley with the Columbus Police Department.

Cpl. Whitley says the credit card purchases were traced, and police saw a photo of the thief through surveillance footage. Police say the suspect made her way to several Columbus stores where she made several unauthorized transactions with the stolen credit card.

Sgt. Donald Bush with the Columbus Police Department says this is a crime that's happening more and more often. "People are going to watch you; we're talking about the thief. He or she is going to watch you and they are going to watch them and say they're not paying attention, so I'm going to buy a wonderful gift on their expense," Bush says.

Help police make an arrest and stop this growing trend that's leaving a lot of victims in financial despair.

If you know who committed this crime give Crime Stoppers a call at (706) 653-3188. You can also send in a tip by logging onto Remember you can receive a reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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