Bulletproof school accessories trend in schools

Bulletproof school accessories trend in schools

(WTVM) - Back to school gear is going bulletproof. The latest trend in school safety allows your child to carry several armored accessories into the classroom.

From clipboards to backpack inserts, the new technology gives some parents and educators peace of mind.

However, the trend has its critics. Several school safety experts believe that just because students feel safer, it doesn't mean they actually are.

"It may meet the emotional security needs of some parents and some educators, but it really sets parents and kids up with the false sense of security and distracts and diverts from the more practical things that we should be doing to improve safety of schools and children," says Ken Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services.

Advocates for these bulletproof products maintain that if all else fails, teachers and students need a way to protect themselves.

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