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Girl serves unusual punishment for twerking at school, WTVM viewers react

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One 14-year-old girl in California has been taught a lesson the hard--and embarrassing--way.

The young teenager was twerking at her school dance, and got busted.

The punishment her mother, Frances Hena, assigned was an unconventional one. Hena made her daughter stand at the corner of a busy intersection, and hold up a sign that said, "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance."

According to ABC News, Hena said she hopes the punishment will help her daughter understand consequences to actions deemed inappropriate by adults.

However, a recent study shows children whose parents use humiliation as discipline grow-up less confident and more prone to mental health disorders.

When the story first aired on WTVM in the 5:30 p.m. broadcast on Thursday, September 12, viewers began to express their mixed reactions on Facebook.

"But you have her standing on a street corner in some booty shorts?" responded viewer CHill Ma, receiving several likes and agreeing comments.

"It's not abuse. It's discipline! And kids need more of it! Go mom!!" wrote viewer Kristin Morton.

"Bet she won't do it again! Good job mom and dad!!" said Melanie King.

Debi Hinckley Miller disagreed. "It is not discipline - humiliation is abuse. She learned nothing but to hide her 'crimes' better. Teaching her self respect by helping her make better clothes choices might be a good start!" she wrote.

Gina Clark pointed out, "Don't have to do all that embarrassing stuff to them to make a point."

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