Curry Court neighbors prevent home burglary

Neighbors prevent home burglary

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Vigilant neighbors stopped a burglary in progress on Curry Court in Columbus.

Witnesses say two young men tried to steal from a house Friday morning after the resident left for work.

One suspect kicked down the back door while another waited outside in a green Oldsmobile Alero.

A woman who lives nearby saw the crime taking place and went inside to retrieve her gun. As she approached the house to confront the burglars, they fled the scene empty-handed.

That woman did not want to speak on camera about the incident, but another neighbor is commending her actions.

"We know each other and it's not a surprise that there's a turn out like this when we have an incident- an unusual incident- like this happen," said Johnnie Brinson. "I give her credit for having that kind of courage."

The homeowner normally has a security door with iron bars covering his back door, but on this particular day, he forgot to lock it.

Burglary detectives have just finished collecting evidence from that crime scene and police are currently searching for the suspects.

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