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Rape victim confronts alleged attacker with angry mob


Columbus Police were led to a rape suspect because, according to witnesses, he bragged to the wrong people about getting away with the crime.  

Ever since a woman was randomly attacked while taking a shortcut through the woods near Cusseta Rd., the community has been on the lookout for a rape suspect. The original attack occurred on September 3, but it turns out they may not have needed to look far. According to witnesses, the suspect was boasting about the crime he committed earlier this month to people who live directly across the street from where it happened.

"The folks around here are very neighborly, they get along very well. And that's one of the reasons why this guy got caught. He was going around bragging about what he did and the neighborhood turned him in," says Michael Powell, a witness to the arrest.

"He was bragging about raping some girl and it just so happened to be me," said the victim.

It turns out some of the people who heard the suspect bragging were actually related to the alleged victim. They were cousins of the woman who said she was beaten and raped for hours until she was able to fight the man off and run to safety.

"They brought him outside and they said, 'Hey, is this the guy that raped you?' and I came out, and I pointed him out, and I said, 'Did you honestly think you were never going to see me again?' and that's when the police were called. Then he started running," said the victim. 

Police caught up with Matthew Finch on Swann St. as he was being chased by an angry mob. He was arrested and taken to jail for obstructing police, and detectives say they are waiting to conduct forensic tests before charging him with the rape. However, the victim said she is confident that police have arrested the right man and that those charges will eventually be filed.  

"As God would have it, they found him, and I can't thank him enough that it's finally over," said the victim. 

Police actually made two arrests on Swann St. By coincidence, police said a man accused of drug dealing saw officers flooding his neighborhood while searching for the rape suspect. Assuming they were after him, he took off running. Police found him a short time later and now he is also in jail. 

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