WTVM 9/16/13 Editorial: Your opinion on Syria matters

WTVM 9/16/13 Editorial: Your opinion on Syria matters

(WTVM) - Events in Syria are moving unusually fast…and no doubt much more could change, even by the time this editorial is over!

We all wonder, what will happen next in Syria?

How, when and will the Syrians really hand over their chemical weapons? When would an airstrike be ordered if they don't?

The White House says it was the president's threat of force that made the Russians step up with the plan to remove chemical weapons from Syrian control.

Whether or not you agree, your opinion matters on Syria.

When the president decided to seek authority from Congress for a military strike, he acknowledged that his opinion alone is not enough.

Now all of us as citizens need to step up and say to Washington "this is what I think."

It's so easy to share your view with your Congress member or senator. You can email them - and you will get a response.

You can call and express yourself. We have the contact information for your congress member or senator on our website at this link or you can find it under the Quick Links tab.

Recent polls prove Americans condemn chemical weapons use by an overwhelming margin.

Polls right now show a majority of Americans oppose military action in Syria.

Still, don't just let polls speak for you. Email or call your elected representatives.

Do it today.

They need to know what you think about the American role in Syria.

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