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What would you do? Expert advice on how to react to a shooting

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Would you know what to do if an active shooter stormed into your office or school?

In light of the mass shooting yesterday in the Washington Navy Yard, we went to an expert to find out what to do.

Just think about all the chaos, commotion and fear that sets in when there's a gunman unloading on people… but having a plan of action beforehand may actually keep you alive.

We spoke with Lieutenant Brad Hicks with the Columbus Georgia Office of Homeland Security about some things we all can do stay alive if we're ever faced with this type of situation.

The first thing is to have a plan.

"Let's make that choice of if he gets in this room, this is what we're going to do. And so you develop that plan, you don't just go hide under a table with no barricaded door and put your[self in position] like an earthquake and wait and get shot in the back of the head," said Lt. Hicks. "That's one of the number one things we don't want people to do."

Lt. Hicks also says these three things are key when confronted with an active shooter:

  1. Run or evacuate
  2. Hide or barricade yourself inside a room.
  3.  Take action or fight.

Lt. Hicks says an active shooter situation can happen anywhere, but there are resources.

One training course close to home happens to be on the campus of Auburn University. ALICE training shows people how to be prepared when met by an armed person.

You can see when Auburn offers these classes at this link. You can find out more about ALICE training at this link.

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