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Sheriff John Darr found guilty of gender discrimination in trial


Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr has been found guilty of gender discrimination in trial, but no damages will be awarded.

Two former employees, Donna Tompkins and Joan Wynn, accused Darr of gender discrimination, saying they were passed over for the position of Captain although they were more qualified than the man who received the position.

The pair filed a civil suit against Darr seeking back pay of about $23,000 each, punitive and compensatory damages.

Darr denied the accusation.

Though Darr has been found guilty, the damages requested by the plaintiffs will not be awarded.

The jury deliberated on the verdict for over 30 hours over the past several days, and announced the verdict just before noon today, September 18, 2013.

After the verdict, Sheriff Darr posted the following on his Facebook page:

"It has been a difficult couple of weeks because Iknow that in my heart and mind that gender was NOT a factor in the promotioninvolved in this case or in any other decision I have made since taking office.However, I have strong respect for the jury system. I know that the jury workedlong and hard to reach their decision, and I thank them for their time andeffort. I am pleased the jury decided not to award compensatory or punitivedamages and that we can put the case behind us. I can assure the men and womenof this community that gender is NOT and NEVER WILL be a factor for me."

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