Be There: Northside High students planning to shoot anti-bullying lip dub

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - More than 200,000 children wake up every morning in the United States afraid to go to school because of bullying.

It's a startling statistic released from an anti-bullying website called WordPress.

Some students from Northside High School are working hard to pull bullies by the horn.

Inspired by a Lip dub from students at Cypress Ranch High School in Texas that's drawn more than 840,000 page views on YouTube, the marketing class at NHS wants to put together a lip dub of their own.

"They mainly focused on their high school; we want to get the whole community to be involved."

These students want local businesses, other schools and community members to be a part of their Man up Against Bullying video to be recorded in downtown Columbus.

But that's just a tip of the iceberg....

"The campaign is 'Bullying is a hairy situation' and we came up with the mustache to help represent that."

So, when you see the mustache motif on billboards around town, you'll now know whose behind it and why.

"We will incorporate three billboards throughout the whole month of October and our first one will be in front of B'Merrills restaurant on Veterans Parkway north."

October is National Anti Bullying Month.

To keep their message against bullying fresh and on the minds of students, these students have filled up this a Calendar with catchy phrases and lots of activities.

The Northside High students are also taking their message to the Cottonmouths' snake pit on October 26.

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