East Ala. League of Women Voters educate on legislative impacts to the poor

East Ala. League of Women Voters educate on legislative impacts to the poor

(WTVM) - The League of Woman Voters of East Alabama is continuing to educate the area about public policy.

Monday they hosted political science expert, Dr. Gerald Johnson, to talk about the effects of recent legislation on the poor.

"A public policy is kind of a rule book by how we conduct and live our live and in Alabama from my perspective we have produced a set of public policies which do not serve as well and we thrive in spite of it," explains Johnson of the Alabama Education Association.

Of particular importance to the League of Women Voters was the 2011 Alabama Voters Bill which required photo IDs for voters.

This law says that prior to voting, a voter must provide one valid forms of photo ID to an election official, something the League thinks is unnecessary and will affect our nation most vulnerable for the worst.

"It's going to most likely affect senior citizens and the poor who cant get the documents that they need. Now it's a free ID so they are offering a free voter ID as well as a free non driving license, but we think people are going to have a problem obtaining the documents they are going to need to do that," says Kristen De La Fuente, President of the League of Women Voters of East Alabama/

According to Johnson, Alabama needs to go back to its roots.

It's not only this Voters Bill, but the Alabama's constitution itself that needs to be amended.

"The most fundamental thing is we need a constitution. The 1901 constitution was evil in its intent. It was written to segregate society. It has been destructive in its implementation," says Johnson.

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