Churchgoers help Habitat build home for husband and wife

Churchgoers help Habitat build home for husband and wife

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some men from Trinity Episcopal Church traded their Sunday suits and ties for caps and blue shirts in an effort to start building a Habitat for Humanity home for a husband and wife who are living apart due to hard times.

Many churches have teamed up with Habitat to help build this house, which they started on two months ago. In this case, a husband and wife are living apart but hope they can live together once their new house is completed by January.

Laura Ann Mann, a resource development manager at Habitat, explained that many volunteers can't help during the week because of work and busy schedules. That's why she says building the interior walls in the church parking on a Sunday was a great idea.

And the couple that will soon live in the house are helping out too.

"What's more neat is that Brownlee's are right there working with them so you get to meet the people you are helping," says Mann.

Clint Brownlee has done a lot of construction work, and he says building his own house with his wife and volunteers has been a heartfelt experience.

"It's totally awesome. It totally is, it's unbelievable. God is telling us…that if we turn into him we can always get help positive help and it's a learning experience. It's a good feeling," he says.

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