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Twitter Diet provides support group to lose weight


It's the hottest new way to lose weight - using social media to help shed a few pounds.

The Twitter Diet is gaining in popularity across the country.

Jeannete Martinez, of Tolleson, is like a lot of people, struggling to find time for the gym and follow a diet plan, while balancing work, school and two kids at home.

"There's temptation everywhere," said Martinez. "'Let's go grab a bag of chips, let's have ice cream today' - it's hard to stay on the wagon."

The West Valley mom admits she's tried all sorts of diets, but none of them seem to stick, and she's not alone.

The latest statistics show nearly all dieters regain the weight they lost within one to five years, which has a lot of folks turning to social media to lose weight.

Rebecca Regnier wrote a book titled Your Twitter Diet.

It's a modern day way to help anyone change their lifestyle and drop a few pounds, no matter what type of diet or exercise plan you're on.

Regnier said it provides a social media support group that helps dieters make good decisions when they're tempted to skip the gym, or indulge in a big cheeseburger that they know they shouldn't have.

"With Twitter and Facebook you can have 24-hour support," said Regnier. "If you go to a meeting or support group, it's at a certain time at a certain date, but if you have a really nice support group of friends on social media and Twitter, you can get that support even if it's 2 in the morning and you're headed to the fridge."

And all you need to get going is a Twitter account that'll link you to other twitter dieters.

If you are thinking about having a piece of cheesecake, you can send a tweet about it, then watch, as other dieters tell you not to.

Martinez told CBS 5 News that she'd never heard of the Twitter Diet before, but now that she has, she'd be willing to give it a shot.

"There's always somebody there to give you a push," said Martinez. "Really, you don't need ice cream - go to the gym. Don't do ice cream - do something better. I think that's an excellent idea."

The University of South Carolina recently did a study to see the impact Twitter has on people losing weight.

It determined that folks using social media for support lost more weight than dieters who didn't tweet.

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